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Production and installation of awnings for protection from sun, rain, wind. Box Awnings, vertical awnings or basket awnings, made of aluminum and acrylic fabrics, polyester or PVC, manual or motorized. Even in this case, in addition to strength and functionality not forget the aesthetics, we can customize your tent in addition to being able to choose the color and fabric pattern also the color of the aluminum frame and accessories to apply.

All automations are strictly Somfy, because such an important aspect can not be left to chance. With the new technology IO HOME, you can have two-way remote controls with LED display, to check the status of operation of the awning. It will also be possible to realize a simple and totally wireless home automation, to control all devices, even remotely.

You go out quietly because if should be too much wind, the wind sensor, Eolis 3D, attached to the terminal bar of the awning, will close it automatically and the sun sensor will only open it if there is the sun, and when you back home in the evening will find a cool terrace. All with a 5 year warranty and dedicated service Somfy Expert.

For a shading that will make you think of the sea, sailing boats, we propose the shade sails by Corradi System, design and nautical technology used in sun protection, stainless steel and Dacron, winches, boma, used in many models both standard and bespoke. If you want to create living spaces both in summer and in winter, in order to have protection from the sun as well as rain and wind also can design the patented retractable covering system Corradi's Pergotenda®, to allow you to open the awning and see the stars or just to have more light. For even more performance, roofs with adjustable slats or in glass with integrated shading. Each type of cover can be closed at the side , with awnings Ermetika® or stained glass windows. Complete the covering with the heating, lighting, furniture and accessories: 360 degrees around you.

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A shade of 11 or 14 square meters, available with ground pedestal or with wall-mounted support. In the first case it is possible to rotate it through 360°, in the second case 90°.


An extra-sized self-supporting shading structure (50 or 75 square meters), composed of 6 roll-up awnings on three anodised aluminium profiles and supported by a central aluminium pole.


A self-standing shading system with no need for ground anchors, supported by four aluminum poles, two of which support the roller tube and the two others (motorized) allow the opening and closing of the awnings.


A custom-made sail, fit to cover areas up to 50 square meters. It does not need tension bracings, it’s available with a single (triangle) or double (square or rectangular) sail and can be equipped with manual or motorized roller tube.


A range of roll-up covers, customizable and suitable for shading even extensive areas (up to 75 square meters per awning). They can be used in combination to create spectacular effects.


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