Quality and originality in a "wide range of furnishing fabrics to coordinate the production of all types of curtains and upholstery, which can be made with the fabric of choice among our collections: curtains, sofas, armchairs, beds, chairs, cushions , bedspreads and tapestries, all made to measure and also on the drawing.

Going through the place to be able to furnish us create solutions in harmony between aesthetics and practicality.

laboratorio gm tendaggi

taglio tessuto
cucito tessuto
messa in opera tessuto

The staff has always been formed by the owners,
to try to pass on knowledge and methods of craftsmanship
that would otherwise be forgotten.

Animazione costruzione e rivestimento divano

A large showroom displays our creations, packaged crafts, all kinds of tents that can be made with linen, silk, taffeta, woven together or operated, damask, Broccatelli, lightning, liseré, quilted, velvet We have a workshop, large and equipped with highly qualified staff, working always with the utmost care.

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