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Pergotenda ® Corradi is the innovative patented folding sliding roof system.

This cover with openable fabric, which combines innovative materials, cutting-edge technologies and refined design, is ideal for creating small and large covers, even customizable , for both residential and contract use , without the need for administrative permits, and with the versatility needed to have light and shelter from bad weather.

In aluminum or wood, anchored to the wall or self-supporting, flat or inclined, open on the perimeter or closed on the sides with transparent or filtering curtains and sliding windows: there are numerous possibilities to choose from the Pergotenda® range.

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Pergola Nomo Pratic con arredi Roda e ombrelloni Tuuci

Pergotenda Arko Corradi

Pergotenda B-Space Corradi

Pergotenda Flux Corradi con chiusure

Pergotenda Maestro a telo calandrato con zavorre

Pergotenda Maestro con arredi Manutti

Pergotenda Maestro Corradi con telo curvo e decking in teak

Pergotenda Maestro Corradi telo curvo con arredi

Pergotenda Maestro telo curvo autoportante con chiusure

Pergotenda Maestro telo curvo con tende trasparenti Corradi

Pergotenda Maestro telo curvo Corradi doppia con apertura laterale

Pergotenda Maestro telo curvo Corradi doppia con apertura laterale fissata su parapetto

Pergotenda Millenium Celeb Corradi a tre guide

Pergotenda Millenium Celeb tre guide Corradi

Pergotenda Millenium Corradi

Pergotenda Millenium Corradi con luci integrate

Pergotenda Move Corradi

Pergotenda Palladia a tre guide Corradi

Pergotenda Palladia Corradi con chiusure

Pergotenda Palladia Corradi con chiusure su terrazzo incassato

Pergotenda Palladia Corradi con installazione a sbalzo

Pergotenda Palladia Corradi con pedana in composito

Pergotenda PT100 Corradi con chiusure

Pergotenda PT100 in legno

Pergotenda PT120 Corradi

Pergotenda PT120 Corradi con tende e controsoffitto

Pergotenda PT45 in piano Corradi

Pergotenda PT60 Corradi con tende decorative

Pergotenda Twin Corradi in piano