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In our new showroom we have reserved a specific room for carpets, a topic that we are passionate about and an essential complement in the projects of architects and interior designers.

We exhibit antique and restored rugs, hand-knotted contemporary rugs, hand-tufted rugs , in contemporary style as well as mats, and we can offer infinite variations of finish and color.

We can design rugs to coordinate with any furnishing style, even for example by reproducing elements taken from the fabrics we use in a decoration, thus coordinating the overall effect, and then developing a carpet to be made to measure in the desired colors being able to choose from over 500 references.

The carpet can be either hand-knotted or hand-tufted , depending on the client's request and budget, so as to be able to make wool rugs, silk rugs, bamboo rugs, viscose rugs, or very commonly using more fibers. for example wool and viscose, to obtain different shades of contrasting color and materiality.

The textile floorings, always present in retail projects and in the hotelerie , thanks to their particular technical characteristics of comfort, washability and aesthetics in continuity with the minimal style, are also very performing in terms of acoustic reverberation, and therefore very welcome in offices, conference and multifunctional rooms.

The carpets with precious materials, such as wool, silk or viscose, as well as the polypropylene carpets with higher and more compact plush, are the warmest and most luxurious thing that can be inserted in suites and bedrooms of contemporary residences, while the natural fibers, such as sisal and coconut, have always been included in projects of farmhouses, farmhouses or country villas.

Also for outdoor environments we have created a progressive and ever wider proposal, with outdoor rugs made of polypropylene, nautical rope, etc., to be coordinated with our high-performance outdoor fabrics.

Nothing is left to chance, to give a possibility of choice and customization that is unique on the market.

Some samples: Rugs and carpets

01_Tappeti annodati a mano

Hand knotted rugs

02_Tappeti antichi

Antique carpets

03_Tappeti e moquette LIMITED EDITION

LIMITED EDITION rugs and carpets

04_Tappeti KVADRAT

KVADRAT carpets

05_Tappeti e moquette BESANA

Rugs and carpets DICKSON

06_Tappeti TISCA

TISCA carpets

07_Moquette Lano

LANO moquette

Pavimentazioni tecniche 2TEC2

Technical flooring 2TEC2

Pavimentazioni tecniche DICKSON

Technical flooring DICKSON


Limited Edition
Besana Moquette
Carpet Concept