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New and specific types of fabrics and mechanisms give us the possibility to create minimal curtains with characteristics and dimensions that were not feasible only a few years ago.

The widespread use of solar greenhouses has allowed us to install different types of solutions both in curtain walls and large sliding windows, such as roller blinds, wave curtains or panel curtains, and in glass roofs, such as packable winter garden blinds and curtains in traction.

Together with the customer and the designer we design the right type of intervention by selecting the best materials on the market, being able to propose the vision of all the types of technical blinds proposed, installed in our showroom.

The fabrics can be transparent, filtering, reflective or darkening, available in many colors and types, including Class 1 fireproof.

If it can be useful to vary the brightness and guarantee privacy, you can choose the wooden, leather or aluminum blinds, with upward opening, Night & Day roller blinds , or the vertical striped blinds with side opening, to have the possibility to orient the fabric.

Some samples: Technical curtains

Binario per tenda scorrevole con rullo incorporato

Doppia tenda a rullo con staffa in ottone brassé

Doppie tende a rullo

Doppie tende a rullo motorizzate incassate su cartongesso

Doppie tende a rullo su vetrate circolari a Mosca

Doppio rullo sovrapposto TAO








Tenda a rullo con tessuto filtrante motorizzata con fascia decorativa

Tenda a rullo con tessuto melangiato

Tenda a rullo motorizzata con fascia decorativa

Tenda dim out oscurante con guide

Tende a pannelli bicolore

Tende a pannelli per soggiorno

Tende a rullo con cassonetto ad incasso su cartongesso

Tende a rullo con cassonetto con domotica

Tende a rullo con guide su infissi

Tende a rullo con tessuto night & day

Tende a rullo con tessuto night & day e fascia di copertura

Tende a rullo con tessuto riflettente

Tende a rullo motorizzate con tessuto oscurante

Tende a rullo motorizzate per spa

Tende a rullo per sala riunioni

Tende a rullo per ufficio

Tende a rullo sovrapposte consecutive con fascia TAO


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