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By studying the most suitable solution to the customer's needs and the potential of the space, installing mobile covers (traction awnings, shed awnings, etc. ), glass roofs, also called winter gardens, with integrated shading ( Nion and Terrado by STOBAG), pergolas in impregnated laminated wood, pergolas in aluminum or in galvanized iron and painted with epoxy powders with fabric, PVC or polycarbonate cover, leaning against the wall or overhanging.

We make all types of coverings with technical fabrics for outdoors, pvc , blackout pvc , micro-perforated fabrics etc.

We can coordinate our structures with perimeter closures made with roll-up curtains in transparent Cristal or micro-perforated fabrics, all-glass windows, mosquito nets and sliding shading sheets made of fabrics for the outdoors.

Some samples: Coverings

Copertura in vetro Nyon Stobag con arredi

Copertura Terrado Stobag con ombreggiamento integrato tende trasparenti e tendaggi decorativi

Copertura vetrata Terrado con ombreggiamento e chiusure

Giardino di inverno Terrado Stobag con vetrate tutto vetro

Pergola addossata Prestige

Pergola in ferro con telo fisso

Pergola in legno con travi gemellati e cannucciato in bambu


Tende in trazione Airomatic Stobag su serra solare

Tende in trazione su copertura vetrata Terrado

Tetto vetrato Nyon Stobag

Tetto vetrato Nyon Stobag con tenda ombreggiante Arnex

Winter garden Terrado Stobag chiuso con vetrate e trave maggiorato

Winter garden Terrado Stobag con pedana e arredi